The 2017 Conference of German INLA took place on 28 and 29 September in Bonn.
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CONLAR was founded by lawyer Dr Christian Raetzke in 2011. Christian has specialised in nuclear law since 1997. Before founding CONLAR he held the position of vice president for International Regulatory Affairs for a globally operating German utility. Christian has worked on new build projects in Germany and in various countries and has been actively involved in international organisations and initiatives for many years. Author of various publications and lecturer at renowned institutions, he is internationally acknowledged as a leading expert in nuclear law and regulation.

The scope of CONLAR's services is based on four focus areas:

Advice on issues of German nuclear law, with special experience in advising non-German companies and institutions

Advice on EU/EURATOM law, with a particular focus on consulting and supporting non-European players to find their way in this complicated system

Advice on global / international nuclear law in all its relevant aspects

Lecturing and training in nuclear law and regulation, with CONLAR seminars and in-house seminars delivered to clients